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It's no secret, people love images.
Anything that puts your property within their digital view gives you an edge.

We digitally render an entire property onto a single downloadable file. We host it online and build a phone application around that property. Your clients can get it directly from the Google PlayStore, from our site or yours or, you can simply email it to them.

We use a format that is first of all secure, second it condenses and displays images extremely well and third all devices can utilize it. Some other advantages are that it can contain all of the images and readable data in one file. Other companies might offer some nice sliders and library effects, however, they aren't necessarily user friendly or easily downloadable like ours.

Okay, now that you know we're making sense, 'What's the process'?
Simple... just upload your images, we'll take care of the rest. Additionally, we already have a system in place to build a private webpage for each property. This allows us to give access to the files to people without the application.

The application is integrated to work on over 95% of all Android devices and we have options for iPhones to be able to view the content as well. So, when all avenues are considered this presentation system will make your property available to about 99% of people with access to the internet. If you feel like you don't have the time, no problem. Send me the data in any format, my team can create the necessary files on a per project basis.

Do you want to go white label for everything. Again, no problem.
Just send me an email and we can work out an arrangement.

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